Digital Art 1 Course (1 year Subscription)


Earn a Visual Art 1 credit for your high school diploma.

Purchase a 1 year subscription to this semester long course in Digital Art & Design 1 and learn at your own pace throughout the school year.


The subscription is good for full online access and downloading for 1 year from the date of purchase.

All course work can be completed digitally. All you need is a computer with a good internet connection. Two types of software are recommended for the lessons so you can use something that is FREE or lease Adobe software products based on your available resources.


The lectures are prerecorded and written materials are all created by Certified Digital Design Teacher Kris Peterson. The course contains 4 units of study.


  • Unit 1: Getting started, Design History, Ethics & Copyright

  • Unit 2: Design Basics: Business Practices, Elements & Principles

  • Unit 3: Typography, Print Design

  • Unit 4: Digital Imagery, Web Design & Portfolio


Lessons cover all national standards for a Visual Art 1 credit and all standards for the Tennessee CTE Digital Art 1 class, plus some standards from the Adobe Certification Associate's exam using Photoshop.


After you make your purchase an email is sent with your private login code for a one (1) year subscription. All materials are copyright protected. No copying or distribution to 3rd parties is permitted under federal law.


When you finish the course you will receive a grade card, certificate of completion and own a portfolio of evidence to add to your private school records.

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