Where to buy the Stuff we use on YouTube
Starter Pouring Kit
We mix all our pouring acrylics with this instead of expensive art pouring mediums.
Liquitex Basics Paint Set
Good set of colors to start with that have strong pigment
Sink Strainers
The GUITAR pouring was done with this particular sink strainer. Not just anyone will work.
Acrylic Paint Set
This is a good starter kit for liquid acrylics.
Cookie cutters
We use these to fill up with layers of paint and then lift up to start the flow. FUN!
Metallic Acrylics
Metallics take pouring to a whole other level of beautiful.
16oz Squirt Bottles
We love these. No stirring in a cup or measuring and we can store it for later.
Distilled Water
To store paints that are mixed for a long period of time you must use distilled water.
8x10 Stretched Canvas
These are nice starter canvas. Don't use cardboard canvas they warp.
Acrylic Gesso
Always prime your pouring surface with gesso for good adhesion.
Pouring Rack
You need some kind of drip rack when you pour. This is a small one. So get 2 if you want to pour larger items
A must have for canvas so the paint spreads out evenly.
Plastic Gloves
Always wear protection. Pouring is very messy.
Dust Pan
Great for pouring on larger canvas when you want to place the paint in many places.
Silcone Oil
A few DROPS of this will make cells in your pour.
RainX for Making Cells
Watch out this makes mega cells and tends to spray far away on other things you did not intend to spray on.
Culinary Torch
This torch helps dry out the paint to make cells.
Butane Torch Refill
Here is a refill bottle for your torch. Must have one.
Varnish Spray
Varnish is a nice glossy alternative to epoxy to make the colors in your painting stand out.
Epoxy Resin Kit 32 oz
Love this but watch out it won't stick where ever there is Silicone Oil. You must degrease the painting with Windex if you added oil to your paints.
Mixing Cups & Stir Sticks
We like the large tongue depressors and larger cups.
Epoxy Liquid Pigments
It only takes a few drops to tint your epoxy so these last a long time
Epoxy Pigment Mica Powder
This epoxy powder gives the resin a metallic look.
Cordless Drill
I use this with the mixing paddle for large batches of epoxy.
Mixing Drill Bit
I use this mixing paddle for large batches of epoxy. I love it!
Paint Pail for Epoxy Mixing
I use this with the mixing paddle and drill for large batches of epoxy. Use the liners so that you can use it over and over again.
Paint Pail Liners for Expoxy Mixing
I use this with the mixing paddle, drill and paint container for large batches of epoxy.
Painters Tape
This tape gives you a clean edge when it's time to peel it off.
You need these to spread paint over the canvas area and for swiping to create cells.
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